Meet Latoya.

Our inner thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets shape our actions and behaviors and often create patterns that are challenging to break out of.

I am a Passionate Counselor who believes in positively impacting the lives of all those in my sphere of influence.

I have spent the last decade reflecting, teaching, and motivating children and adults to overcome depression, grief, and anxiety with the hopes of them becoming authentic and positive contributors to society.

My therapeutic approach is person-centered. I focus on the person and what they can do, not the "hindrances" they may face.

I help my clients focus on their aspirations and tailor therapy to their unique circumstances.

YOU HAVE THE POWER!! Schedule a session today, and let me help you map out a plan to help you access, make decisions, live, and love from that place of power!

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Are you struggling to create a sustainable

self-care routine?

These self-care tips will help.

Find a Quiet Spot to Meditate

Finding quiet in the midst of noise has its benefits. Some of the benefits associated with medication is improved sleep cycles, improved emotional health, and an increase in self-awareness. Meditation is also an amazing way to focus on the present moment.

Make a Gratitude List

Gratitude is the attitude for increase. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can increase positive emotions by as much as 25 percent. If you want to increase your self-esteem, feel happier, increase empathy, sleep better, and invite more good things into your life express gratitude daily.

Practice Deep Breathing

To live is to breathe. Throughout the day, check in with yourself to ensure that you take deep cleansing breaths. Remembering to stop throughout the day to take deep breaths will help calm your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, slow your heart rate, boosts energy and mood.

Listen to Good Music

Go ahead and press play on your favorite jam! Listening to good music can improve your memory and boost your mood as it releases the feel-good neurochemical dopamine. Listening to good music can help you perform better, reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease stress.

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